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40 cities, 4 dogs, 1 goal: 

to share the love of Jesus.


This year Ministry Pawsable is setting out to visit 40 cities.

Our number one mission is to share the love of Jesus outside of the church walls - so what better way than to visit 40 cities with 4 dogs?!

We'll also be meeting with churches big and small from a variety of denominations to learn and share how they are sharing the Gospel, with the hope of inspiring other believers to do the same.

Sharing the Gospel doesn't have to be awkward. Follow along for some fresh inspiration.
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40 Cities

From Sweet Home Alabama to a variety of cities across America. Our social media will keep you up to date on where we'll be headed.

4 Dogs





These four MP dogs are on mission.

1 Mission

To share the love of Jesus outside the church walls.


Get Involved

If you’re part of a church or ministry and would like to share your outreach story with us over a cup of coffee, send us an email, we’d love to meet you!


If you’d like to help support the 40.4.1 adventure, please consider donating. All donations go directly to the dogs as they work to share the Gospel.

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