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Our Pawtners help make this mission Pawsable

We love working with them and encourage you to also! 

We are always open to new pawtnerships! Please send an email to if interested!

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Country Hills Farm

Dog Breeder

Country Hills Farm sponsors ALL of our purebred, well-behaved, healthy, and beautiful poodles! They are reputable breeders who are excited to use their pups for a greater purpose!

1+(205) 737-2775

Citrus Fruits

Walls of Jericho Media

Social Media Strategist & Management

Walls of Jericho Media is based in West Blocton, AL and helps us in producing content, reviewing analytics, managing engagement, and creating and overseeing social campaigns across various platforms. They are passionate about helping churches, missions, and businesses advance and excel through social media!

1+(205) 200-0647

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