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Start Your Ministry!


Implement an outreach strategy to easily reach people both inside and outside of the church walls using certified therapy dogs!

Ministry Pawsable dogs support the welcome team to engage with new attenders as well as visiting places like schools, public events, and elder care facilities.

Ministry Paswable dogs open doors to share the love of Jesus!

We Provide:

  • The dog

  • Outreach materials, opportunities, and resources for the church and ministry

  • Ongoing support

You Provide:

  • A loving place for the dog to live

  • A church and events for the dog to engage in

  • A team to support the wellbeing of the dog and ministry

Ministry Pawsable dogs are working dogs, and on a mission to share the love of Jesus alongside their church or ministry. For this reason, dogs are overseen by a church or ministry organization and not exclusively by individuals.

Have Questions?
If you're interested in being a foster but not ready to submit an application, send us an email at, or fill out the form, and we'll contact you!

Thanks for submitting!

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